Zarubežnjeft against air pollution in Slavonski Brod

„For more quality development while solving problems in Slavonski Brod, the cooperation between ministry in BIH with Oil refinery in Brod. Through the experience in oil refineries in Sisak and Rijeka and meetings so far we know that the only permanent solution is oil refinery modernisation, so we brought up the problem on higher level where there is definitely possibility of its solution and financial resources and business will”, as Minister of Environment and Nature Protection Mihael Zmajlović said in the statement for medias after the meeting with Alexander Y. Voronin, deputy of general director of company Zarubežnjeft, under whose ownership is refinery Brod.


Deputy of general director of Russian company in Zagreb arrived on invitation of minister Zmajlović to have talks on Zarubežnjeft’s interests in region and specially on plans and modernisation in Refinery Brod (BIH) under their ownership.” In solving the problems of air pollution in Slavonski Brod, the primary aim is health of citizens in Slavonski Brod which is threatened by bad air quality. But, modernisation of refinery is important for citizens of other neighbour countries, citizens of Brod”, as pointed out by minister Zmajlović. He pointed out  the importance of finding permanent solution for this problem  and asked for guarantees  that it was not given up from the modernisation of Refinery Brod, that the funds for that are ensured and that everything would be done to fasten some steps. One of the first steps which have to be fastened is setting up of measuring station in the surroundings of Refinery and ensuring the insight in till now collected information on air quality in Refinery Brod. Deputy of general director Voronin has expressed the company interest for spreading the business in region, on market of Middle and Eastern Europe and not only in BIH, and according to that he pointed out that it is the company who wants to follow high standards of environment protection. ”Plans for Refinery on location in Brod are long term pans and following of standards of environment protection is important for fulfilling of these aims. Croatia, as neighbour, but also future member of EU, is important partner to who they want to be respopnsible, as well as to country where refinery is. Oil refinery is very important industry and when it becomes that part of community it is important to have good relationship with it.I understand the concern of people and we are not happy with way the communication was held till now towards citizens of Slavonski Brod and Brod. Citizens have right on total and correct information, specially in case when talking about the air they breathe every day.” said Voronin. He said that it was not given up from the modernization of Refinery Brod, and funds for modernization will be ensured so Zarubežnjeft will do everything what is in their power to fasten some steps and what is allowed according to technologies and processes. ”Company Zarubežnjeft will pledge that Refinery Brod will stick to contracted deadlines of modernization according to ecological permition and that it will on next meeting of Working group submit the report on modernization status  as well as ensure insight on air quality collected so far. Apart from that, Zarubežnjeft will affect on Refinery in Brod to inform in total on experiences of Croatian inspectors on projects in Sisak and Rijeka”, said Voronin.


At the meeting it was agreed that Refinery Brod will, on the meeting of Working group, planned in June, submit report on modernization status and give insight in information on air quality collected so far. Minister added that Croatia is open to all investments from Russian Federation, with the condition that they are adjusted with high standards we aim to and we accept entering in EU. ”If it is talked about big companies like Zarubežnjeft it is clear that every investment will be considered in context of experience that the company has in that region, in this case that is Refinery Brod” said minister as a conclusion to the meeting. Zarubežnjeft from Moscow is company under ownership of Russian Federation and it is one of key players on Russian oil and gas market with the plans of expansion  in region of Middle and Eastern Europe.

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