Year of the Russian-Croatian tourism: Croatia will simplify the visa regime and lower prices

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On Tuesday, February 17th in the Conference Centre of the Economic Chamber of the Russian Federation, was held the Croatian-Russian Economic Forum and Investment Conference. Director of the Croatian Tourist Board in Moscow, Rajko Ruzicka told us what steps will Croatia take to stimulate tourism flow from Russia, which starting in 2013, began to decline (2012 Croatia was visited by about 200 thousand tourists from Russia, while in 2014 that number dropped to 147 000). One of those steps is to start the project Year of Russian-Croatian tourism.

Negotiations Ministry of Tourism of the Russian Federation will be held in the near future. If the project is approved then, according to Ruzicka, the process of obtaining a visa will be simplified. Although the process of obtaining visas for Croatia even now is quite simply, or easier than in some other countries in Europe: it takes only 3 days, and in urgent cases 15 minutes. Our goal is to reduce this process, for tourism purposes, to one day.

In addition, in February and March will be held Workshop on Health Tourism and participation in the exhibition MITT-2015, where participants will discuss a possible reduction in the price of air travel and accommodation in hotels just for Russian tourists. Also, Week of Croatian cuisine will be held soon in Arkady Novikov’s restaurants, and to undertake marketing measures for the promotion of Croatian as a year-round destination.

“We hope that until next year, the reduction in tourist flow from Russia will end and that we will be able to go back to the period of 2012” – summed up Rajko Ruzicka.


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