What medical tourism destinations prefer Russians?

According to the Russian Association of Medical Tourism in 2015 year the largest number of Russian patients was in Germany. Earlier Russians prefered the sanitary institutions in Israel. According to the forecasts within the next five years Russians will change their “health priorities” from Europe to Asian countries.

In 2012-2014 years the bulk of Russian medical tourists was in Israel and in 2015 year according to the inflow of patients from Russia Germany began to lead (more than 30 000 of patients visited the country during that period).

Russians often choose German hospitals for treatment cancer diseases. Running second demanding services are gynecologists to diagnose and treat diseases such as complications of pregnancy and childbirth as well as infertility. In the third place is the cardiovascular surgery. Due to the fact that the demand for services is growing in German hospitals, the local health facilities employ Russian speaking staff.

Germany attracts patients from other countries not only due to highly skilled professionals, but also due to fixed prices for all services, as well as the fact that local doctors are prohibited to issue an invoice to foreigners which is high priced than to German patients. Regardless of the state of the economy and the political situation Russians consistently provide local clinics with 35-45% of income towards to all international patients, “- has noted in
the Russian Association of Medical Tourism.
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Approximately 26 000 Russians visited Israel in 2015 year in order to improve their health. For comparison in 2014 year in local hospitals were treated and observed about 40 000 patients. Russians usually come to Israel on cancer issues. The second place takes treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system (in Israel have developed a unique method of replacing inflamed joint by one intervention and they use minimally invasive and innovative treatments for the removal of herniated disc). In this country Russians successfully treat diabetes by transplanting cells island and have neurosurgery. In addition, cosmetic and SPA- treatments at the Dead Sea are very popular. Every year the clinics of Israel take approximately 30-40% of Russians towards the total number of foreign citizens.

A popular medical tourism destination of Russians has been Finland. Every year in Finland are treated about 20 000 patients. People are attracted by high level of medical services, transport accessibility – it takes only four hours by car to get to Helsinki from St. Petersburg, as well as Russian speaking staff and easy procedure of visa issue. Russians are very interested in the early diagnosis of diseases, different complex examinations, treatment of infertility and childbirth. Finnish eco-resorts and SPA-tours are also very popular.

The Czech Republic historically has been a very popular destination for health tours. Last year the clinics and spa resorts (Karlovy Vary, Marienbad, Carlsbad, Marianske Lazne and others) have visited more than 10 000 Russians. The main diseases to be treated are: a gastrointestinal disease, kidney disease and respiratory. In the Czech Republic are successfully treated diseases of the musculoskeletal system and infertility. The third most popular servises among Russians are wellness, cosmetology, plastic surgery and detox programs.

The top five most popular medical tourism destinations for Russians in 2015 was China. During that period the country had visited about 7 000 patients. The most attractive are medical centers in Hainan – China’s famous resort, as well as the city of Dalian in the north of the country on the coast of the Yellow Sea. The medical centers of the Chinese capital are also famous in Russia. Most clinics in China can combine both traditional and modern methods of treatment. Chinese traditional medicine which is one of the oldest in the whole world is very popular worldwide. Traditional Chinese pharmacology is highly valued. China attracts tourists by a better value – quality, time of diagnosis and treatment. The Chinese staff is able to work all day long and seven days a week. Some clinics of border regions had been visited by 80% of Russians.

The number of Russians who annually travel abroad in order to improve their health is rapidly approaching 4 millions“ – said the president of the Russian Association of Medical Tourism, Constantin Onishchenko. „The crisis has affected certainly as people turned their attention to the health resorts in our country, but in order to get a highly qualified help and detailed diagnostics people still go abroad. According to our forecasts for the next five years Russians will change their “health priorities” from Europe to Asian countries: mainly China and Thailand. “

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