What Forbes analyst thinks about Podravka expansion to the Russian market?

Mark Adomanis, Forbes analyst of Russian economy explains that in general,  businessmen are very optimistic. While some analysts predict the collapse of Russia, others, like CEO of Nestle in Russia Maurizio Parnello, are convinced that in long term Russia will be prosperous.

Što Forbesov analitičar misli o Podravkinom širenju na rusko tržište?

Podravka is in a group of “optimists”

Podravka is a especially interesting example of such a trend. As many other companies, they are currently in a situation where they have to expand on new markets to ensure revenue growth. Zvonimir Mrsic, Chairman of the Board, recently announced that Podravka is currently in phase of collecting $ 71 million of capital, to finance the expansion on the Central and East European markets, including Russia. Furthermore, Podravka plans to expand to African, Middle East and Chinese markets.

Adomanis warns that despite slowing of economic growth in the period from 2012 to 2014, Russia’s supermarkets and food processing industry, still operate with a high growth rate, sometimes more than 20 percent annually. In Russia, nothing is black and white. Even before 2008, when economy seemed strong and prosperous, there were huge structural problems in the background that were ignored. Precisely because it’s not all black and white, the fact that situation appears catastrophic at the moment, doesn’t mean that there isn’t something big going on in the background. And that’s the lesson we can all learn from Podravka.

Source: Lider

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