Veterinary and phytosanitary requirements for export in Russian Federation

Russian Federation is second export market for agry-food products of European union and first according to the value for animal export and products of animal origin like meat and dairy products and fruit and vegetables. At the same time EU is important market for Russian agry-food products, including cereals and fishing.

European union supplies Russian Federation with the products who are under certain demands in veterinary-sanitary and phytosanitary area (SPS), and trade is done according to rules that guaranty safety of exported goods. Export demands which exporters can find on Internet page of European commission (EK) are set up by agencies of Russian Federation- Rosselkhoznadzor and Rospotrebnadzoe, depending on areas they cover. From year 2010 Russia adjusted its veterinary-sanitary and phytosanitary norms with Kazan and Byelorussia, as a part of customs union (CU).So EK negotiates about bilateral SPS terms for certain products which include authorities of countries members in charge of control of products’ production. By special agreement under the name Memorandum on understanding, the administrative panel between EK, countries members and Russian government is set up.


Export demands and e-mail address which exporters can use for requests and comments and additional information on SPS terms for trade between Russian Federation, or Customs union you can find on requirements en.htm


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