Citizens of Republic of Croatia  can travel to Ukraine and travel by its territory WITHOUT VISA, if their stay is shorter then 90 days.

These Regulations does not apply to persons who travel in Ukraine with the purpose of study, employment and other, if their stay would be longer then 90 days.


For more information feel free to contact us on:
phone: +3851 48 111 55, 24 hour service: +385 91 222 222 5


From 31st March 2013 for citizens of Ukraine  for entrance to Republic of Croatia is obligatory to have CROATIAN NATIONAL VISA.

EXCEPTION: until 1st December 2013 the citizens of Ukraine and CIS countries can enter Republic Croatia with:
a)    valid permit for temporary stay in one of countries -signatories of Schengen agreement or
b)    valid Schengen visa type C or multiple Schengen visa type D

•  It is totally irrelevant if the foreigners first entered on Schengen area or not. It is important to have the valid Schengen visa and when exiting from Republic of Croatia they can enter the Schengen area.
•    stated documents need to be valid during the time of entrance and departure from Republic of Croatia, that is, they  need to enable repeated entrance on territory of countries signatories of Schengen agreement.

•     the form of request for visa filled with capital letters in latin letters with personal signature of tourist (DOWNLOAD)
•    original voucher from authorized Croatian agency ( you can get it in ATLANTIS TRAVEL)
•    valid passport (it has to be valid at least three more months after the trip finishes and to have two empty pages)
•    1 photograph 3,5 x 4,5 – in colour, close face cadre, on white background
•    travelling insurance confirmation

   Minor person – travelling alone or in a group additionally needs:
•    enclose copy of birth certificate
•    verified original of consent of one of the parent ( it is not necessary to have translation in Croatian language)
•    In case of organized travelling of group of minors, the official  confirmation note by the trip organiser is needed.

The price of tourist visa – 35 euro (in period of 5 working days)
Urgent procedure – 70 euro (in period of 3 working days)


Is it possible to get tourist visa personally in Embassy of Republic of Croatia?
Yes, of course, but in that case additionally you need to have:
-notification on employment
-notification from the bank
-return ticket

Does the Embassy accept the notification on accommodation from or similar, or from hotel in Croaita?
No! It has to be original voucher from Craotian tourist agency. But travel agencies can use “SYSTEM OF VOUCHERS by ATLANTIS” (LOG IN HERE)

I have the property in Croatia, what kind of accommodation confirmation do i need to have?
According to dates on your estate, ATLANTIS TRAVEL can give you tourist voucher which confirms accommodation in Croatia which enables you to get tourist visa.

We plan to rent a yacht in Croatia – which document I can get as an accommodation confirmation?
ATLANTIS TRAVEL can give you tourist voucher which proves accommodation in Croatia.

Where the citizens of Ukraine can get personally the Croatian visa?
The citizens of Ukraine can personally contact Embassy of Republic of Croatia in Kiev to get the visa. Address:
St. Artema 51/50
01901 Kijev
Phone. 00380 44 486 21 22, 486 58 62
Fax: 00380 44 484 69 43,
Office working time of Consular departments of Embassy (for private persons). Monday-Thursday 10,00 – 12,00

Do Ukraine citizens need Hungarian visa if travelling by car in Croatia through Hungary?
Yes, Hungarian visa is needed and they can get it without problem according Croatian visa.

What is needed for visa in case that I travel by car to Republic of Croatia?
The standard package of documents stated, but except return plane tickets it is needed to have copy of driving license and copy of traffic license.

Can I enter Republic of Croatia with Schengen visa C or D type and on which way? Do I have to first visit the country for which I have Schengen visa, and then Republic of Croatia?
Yes, you can.It is not important to which country you will go first, you can first visit Republic of Croatia, and then the country you have the visa for or vice versa.

What if visa documents expire during the stay in Republic of Croatia?
Documents must be valid when entering and departing  Republic of Croatia, that is, they need to allow repeated entrance on territory of countries-signatories of Schengen agreement, otherwise you can expect money penalties or even law action. You can extend your visa at the police station or police department by place of residence prior to the expiration date of the visa or before the end of your stay. You can apply for a travel document (putni list) which is issued based on evidence of the following:

– higher power/unexpected circumstances
– Sudden severe illness of the applicant
– Unforeseen event of immediate family members who live in the Republic of Croatia (serious illness, death, etc.)
– organ donation
– Similar

for which a person is unable to leave Croatia.

Do I need to personally come to Embassy if I make reservation through tourist agency?
Personal arrival is not needed, but Embassy has the right to call the tourist to come personally.

Do I need to enclose confirmation on the amount on bank account if I make reservation through tourist agency?
No, that confirmation is needed only in case of individually organised travelling.

If I go with daughter/son who are minors on holiday in Republic of Croatia, do I need verified consent of other parent?

What is maximum time period of visa validation for Republic of Croatia?
Maximum time period is up to 90 days, that is 3 months, but then the document of staying  duration is taken into consideration, for example voucher or letter of invitation where the dates on staying duration are stated according to which the visa validation is determined.

I travel to Slovenia through Zagreb. I land in Zagreb where I stay whole day. Do I need, in that case, visa for Republic of Croatia?
Yes, sequential Croatian transit visa is needed for all tourists who travel in other country through Zagreb, Pula, Dubrovnik and other towns.

If we go on a cruise during which we stop in Dubrovnik, is visa for Republic of Croatia needed?
Yes, or otherwise you will not be able to get off the boat in Croatian town where the ship stopped.

What is needed for visa in case that I travel by car to Republic of Croatia?
The standard package of documents stated on LINK is needed , but except return plane tickets it is needed to have copy of driving license and copy of traffic license.

What is needed if I travel with my pets to Republic of Croatia?
The chip is needed, veterinary passport  with stamp that the pet is healthy, confirmation on vaccination against rabies not older than 6 months. Animals, younger then 6 months, are not allowed to enter Republic of Croatia.


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