Twice faster growth of market surveillance

According to company IMS Research it is estimated that in Russia and Eastern Europe in next 4-5 years it will come to speed increase in delivery and income by the sale of equipment for safety systems. Si till year 2017 it is expected to double current income of this market.

Main reason for such big increase of this market in Russia are first of all preparations for Winter Olympic games in Sochi 2014 and for World football championship in Russia 2018.IN next five years the growth of this market is expected from current 582 million American dollars to 1,26 milliard dollars in year 2017. Even though on Russian market cheaper video surveillance solutions are present, during the growth of economy it is soon expected the demands for more expensive and quality solutions, first of all for network video surveillance system.

Major part of investing in safety systems will be the result of state investments, because in Russia the growth is generated by state, specially in the light of global sports competitions. Experts estimate that Russia will invest in stadiums, hotels, infrastructure and airports 95 milliard dollars, and big amount of that cake will go to industry of safety. If you wan to be in the centre of attention of big sports happenings in Russia for hotel reservations, tickets and others you can contact agency Atlantis Travel.

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