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In Russia passengers travel on board the “Imperial Russia” Train, a comfortable modern train charted exclusively for tourists and ideal for long distance travel. The train is composed of VIP, first class plus, first class and standard class, restaurants and bar. The two restaurant cars and and salon car serve breakfast, lunch and dinner to all passengers offering traditional Russian and European cuisine. The cars are equipped with professional kitchen ware of the world leading trade marks, which allows the staff to offer freshly cooked and high quality dishes. The bar carriage is separated by a decorative partition to make two comfortable zones allowing the passengers to eat, dance, relax with a drink and enjoy the scenery passing in the window. There is a piano in the hall.


 The VIP car has 5 compartments and is equipped with the system of air conditioning (therefore windows cannot be opened), heating, and lighting (day and evening).  Each compartment offers:

  •     2 sleeping berths (1 lower berth is 120×180 cm in size and 1 upper berth is 95×180 cm in size)
  •     arm-chair
  •     table
  •     dress closet with hangers
  •     luggage shelf
  •     washstand
  •     shower
  •     ecologically clean (vacuum) WC
  •     DVD with TV monitor
  •     radio point (train broadcasting)
  •     socket 220V for equipment charging
  •     call of conductor button.





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