Azerbaijan is a country of „black gold“, beatuful nature and rich cultural heritage. Its territory stretches to about 86,000 square kilometers in the southern Caucasus and has access to the Caspian Lake. The state was formed in 1989 year after the collapse of the Soviet Union and now it has about 9 million inhabitants. Azerbaijan borders with Russia, Georgia, Iran and Armenia (in whose territory there is Nahečevan enclave that boarders Iran). The capital of Azerbaijan, Baku is called “Paris of the East” due to the unique combination of Eastern and Western architecture. The natural wealth of Azerbaijan is oil and natural gas. In this country there is a natural phenomenon – cracks in the earth where gas and oil emerge from the ground and flame has been burning for many years. If you like eastern culture, you can take a walk in the city’s centre that is full of Azerbaijanian traditions.


Azerbajdžan Tura

Baku, Gobustan, Gabala, Sheki16.09.19.- days/7 nightsAzerbaijan is a unique country whose name is difficult to pronounce … the land of fire, saffron, rich culture, beautiful nature and friendly people.DAY 1, 16.09.2019. Meeting at Franjo Tudjman […]