Ruska vlada želi privatizirati Rosneft

Russian government for some time considers possibility of selling 19 % of shares in Rosneft whose market value is 77,3 milliard dollars.This plan fits into national plan for faster privatization of some companies under national ownership..But planned sale of national shares in big copmanies and banks is late.Due to slow economy , national funds are filled slower and mentioned process are planned to be fastened by Government of Russian Federation.Russian government has already sold part of shares in Rosneft to British company British Petroleum so they increased shares in Rosneft on 19,75 %.As a part of that transaction British Petroleum got 17 milliard dollars in cash and 12,84 % shares in Rosneft, and rest of 5,66 % they boought from national energetic holding Rosneftegaza.

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