The powerful aircraft – Putin’s new military wonder

In the near future Russia will be able to translate up to 400 tanks in a record time and in any part of the world. This country is preparing for a project of producing innovative aircraft “PAK TA” which would make possible to transfer this kind of burden by air.

According to the announcements of the Moscow Military-Industrial Commission, by 2024 it will be produced 80 of these aircrafts. They will fly at supersonic speed of about 2,000 kilometers per hour, and will be able to transfer up to 200 tons of cargo. Also, the plane will be able to stay in the air for seven hours without refueling, and the maximum length of flight to catch up to 7,000 kilometers.

The aircraft will be able to auto-load cargo on multiple levels, and will also be able to eject cargo from the air which will allow the military to deploy the units on any land.

Russian military experts believe that, by parallel development of a network of military bases in the Middle East, Latin America and Southeast Asia, which are also expected to be completed by 2024, it is obvious that Russia will be ready for intercontinental combat.

In this way, experts say, Russia will become a superpower, which shall at all times be able to transport the necessary military equipment to the desired territory, which also represents the greatest threat to all of Russia’s present and future rivals.

Besides the transfer of tanks, one of the main tasks “PAK TA” transporters will be transfer of other heavy weapons such as various anti-aircraft missile installations, anti-tank and other light armored vehicles.

By this day, the only transport aircraft that could compete with this new aircraft is “Antonov AN-225”, which is able to carry 250 tons of cargo and has been specially designed for the needs of “Buran” space program since the times of the Soviet Union.

Source: Blic online

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