The first concert of Croatian – Russian society

Croatian-Russian association „Art without borders“ was established in June2013 inDubrovnik with the aim to cultivate , promote and popularize of Russian art, specially music in Croatia, but also Croatian art in Russia, last day of August in palace Sponza in Dubrovnik the concert was held, which was the introduction in Russian music concert cycle: Russian romances, music from ballets and cult Russian films. At he concert participated soprano singer Nalalia Demyanova fromMoscow, Violin player Elvira Galioulline and pianist Helena Tomašković. The pieces by Russian artists which can be rare heard outsideRussia: G. Sviridov, V.Basner, M. Šiškin, S.Rahmanjinov and pieces from ballet by P.Tchaikovsky and A. Hačaturjan.For this occasion some pieces by Croatian artists were played as well such as J.Hatze, I.L.Kalinski and R.Matz.

With their activites the members of Society will try to support understanding, tolerance and friendship in Croatian-Russian relationships. Also cooperation with similar associations, artists and art lovers fromCroatiaandRussia.

Association has the name „Art without borders“ since real art does not have borders, not even religious, racist or national. Art is the language that all the people from around the world understand. “The aim of association is through the music, dance and poetry meet with people from our town and further with what we love, what we have inside and where we belong.“ as it was said by vice president Helena Tomašković at the beginning of association establishment concert.

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