The fairytale train

Tourist who want new experiences, those who expect far ice areas, winter sceneries similar to those from fairytale “Snow queen”, have opportunity to go around Russian polar region by tourist train “Polar light”. Travelling by train through the area ofRepublicofKomioffers to tourists possibility to enjoy in picturesque polar region (Zapolarja).

Tourists have at their disposal compartments  with two beds with separate toilet, TV and socket, as well as air condition and wireless internet access. Departure station of  “Polar light” is capital ofRepublicofKomi, Siktivkara, and final destination is inVorkuta. Different to ordinary train “Polar light” at the stations waits for its passengers. Tourists go out of the town, accompanied by guide look at sights, and then without any hurry go back to train, so this trip looks like river cruising. Since comfortable hotel on tracks can hardly access to all areas, tourists are in those areas transported by heavy off-road vehicles.

The adventure starts as soon as you land in Siktivkar, and the flight fromMoscowto that town lasts for 2 hours. Helicopter hire which were used before as the most frequent transport vehicle is 100 roubles an hour (around 2300 euro). Roads inRepublicofKomihave infamous title “the worst inRussia”, so to all it is the most accessible  and the simplest  kind of transportation of railway, whose nets cover the wholeterritoryofRepublicfrom north to south. Train follow strictly the time table, and reliably connect main traffics in Republic of Komi, where tourist from train can transfer to bus, off road vehicle, van adjusted for moving on rough surfaces or in already mentioned helicopter. Tourist train represents key chain in this traffic chain.

RepublicofKomifirst of all is famous for monuments of nature, like hardly accessible  mountain plateau Manjpupunjor. But the route of train “Polar light” is situated further than this place, in the mountains of Sub polar Ural.

Impassable conifer forests gradually becomes more and more rare, the areas are rotated where the forest is mixed with undergrowth, and further on to north is clear tundra. You would come across undergrowth of wetland, tense rocks, silver cores of mountain river which cuts poor north scenery. And this is only small part of national parkJugidVa, the biggest inRussia. It consists of harsh landscapes of unearthly beauty, nature which the men could not have tamed. The problem of traffic accessibility inRepublicofKomiis solved in an traditional way. Track “Ural” transfers employees and tourists to holiday resort “Želannoe” along turned up ways. Apart from tracks, visitors can take a ride in off road vehicles with the wheels of the height of a men.

The train stops in a sub polar and polar area ofRussiain order that tourists can visit mountain slopes, beautiful rivers and lakes, monolithic rocks and fields of peony. The sightseeing of national parkJugidVa(left on the picture) is obligatory, temporarily habitats of nomad people who have reindeers, and on the schedule is also the visit to museum Vorkutlaga. In polar townVorkutain Soviet time there was one of the biggest gualaga. During the trip there is a chance to sample some of the most delicious traditional local meals such as Lopar’s soup.

Tourist train “Polar light” will soon be replaced by inter regional railway route “Russain North”. It will allow unique sightseeing of monuments of nature and architecture, which are on the list of world heritage of UNESCO. Russian and foreign tourists will, departing from Mpscpw, by train go throughMoscow’s, Jaroslavsk’s,Arkhangelskand Vologodsk region before they arrive toRepublicofKomi.

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