More chocolate in Russia

Founders of shop with exclusive chocolate Korkunov this year opened new sale place in Moscow’s shopping centre Afimall-City. They are convinced that they will convert Russians into sweets lovers called by many as an aphrodisiac and experts proved that it helps in lifting the good mood and in moderate qualities is good for health.

What makes this shop Korkunov special is the wide range of culinary spectrum, and not only selling of chocolate boxes. In chocolatiers Korkunov is sold 15 types of hot chocolate, and fresh chocolate candies from Odincov arrive every day.

Even though they don’t reveal the value of investment, in company they believe that it will be worth while in 8 to 12 months. According to researches made by company KPMG last year in September,Russiais considered as one of the most perspective markets for chocolatiers business. So experts from KPMG predict that domestic chocolate market, which is currently valid more than 8 milliard dollars, in next three years grow for 45% different to global market of chocolate products where it is predicted the growth of 2%.

Korkunov is not first chocolatiers opened inRussia. Chain Konfaelj started with the work in year 2002 and today exists on 21 location inMoscowand in other towns in Russia.In Moscow other shops with candy products, such as Leonidas, Godiva  and Lindt.

In inner parts ofRussiathere are huge business potentials for opening of shops of this kind of candy, said for magazine Businessmania Konstantin Soldatenkov, manager for Russia of Belgium chain  of shop for sale of top chocolate Daskalides. He considers that in town with million and more citizens can work more of this shops, and in some smaller towns, which has 500 000 citizens, can successfully do business five shops. Even though the experts think that this shop doesn’t have big commercial potentials and that its prima purpose is a mean of brand promotion, in company is announced opening of chain shops Korkunov wide Russia, and Aleksandr Nosov, main chocolate producer in Odincovske chocolate factory said that Korkunov considers the idea to open the shop where it will be freshly prepared chocolate served in interior of the chocolate itself: walls and ceiling would be made of this candy.


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