The average price of summer tours fell by 22%

According to the company TUI, the average cost of travel for the coming summer has decreased by 22% compared to last year. This is due to lower prices in several key areas, as well as the tendency to reduce the cost of leisure.

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Thus, the average cost of summer tours, booked at the end of March totaled $ 1,147 for two. According to the results of sales in the action “Early Bird” in March 2014, the average tour for two for a week costed 1,473 dollars.

The greatest decrease in prices has been recorded in the following areas: Montenegro (-40%), Bulgaria (- 34.8%), Greece (- 30%), Turkey (-29%). Primarily, this is due to the fact that these countries are interested in the flow of tourists from the Russian Federation and local hoteliers offer special discounts for Russians.

“Despite the overall decline of demand in all areas in 2015, compared to last year, Russian tourists have not lost interest in the foreign rest. Russians would rather cut the number of holidays during the year, and choose more economical destinations and hotels than completely abandon the rest abroad.

We expect that by the end of the season, budget countries like Montenegro , Bulgaria and Greece will be the most popular European countries among Russian customers. But leading country remains Turkey, which provides the optimal price/ quality “All Inclusive” vacation”, -said director of product procurement, IT and marketing of TUI Russia, Ivor Vukelik.

Source: TRN News

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