Terms of use

1.Russia.hr is a portal that offers services of making reservations for accommodation, transfers, tours hotels and plane tickets and helps in travelling organisation.

2. Russia.hr  is the property of  agency Atlantis travel d.o.o.

3. The user of the portal is obliged to follow all regulations and terms of usage which will be stated in further text.

4. By the use of any parts of portal Russia.hr, as well as  all its parts, it is considered that the users are acquainted with these terms and all risks which occur from using this web page and accept to use the content and platform of this web page only for personal use and on ones personal responsibility.

5. Atlantis travel d.o.o. has author rights on all personal contents  (textual, visual and audio materials, datebase and programming code) of portal Russia.hr. Unauthorised  use of any parts of portal, without permit of the owner of authorised rights, is considered as act of lawbreaking of author rights.

6. Portal Russia.hr consists of personal contents, partner’s contents, free contents and links to external pages. All contents of portal Russia.hr, are used at your personal responsibility and Atlantis travel  d.o.o. can not be responsible for any damage occurred while using.

7. Russia.hr  keeps the rights for changing, determination (temporary and permanent) of any contents or services on portal without the obligation of previous notice.

8. Russia.hr respects the privacy of its users and visitors of portal Russia.hr. The information about the user will not be given to any other third parties ,except in case when it is obligation  regulated by the law.

9. Russia.hr has the right, according to the law, gather all information about the users gained during the use of portal.

10. Russia.hr collects all information with the aim to offer you safe, efficient  and individual use of services, for service optimization, for sending aimed marketing and promo offers, including the offers of our partners, for notice about new offers and for clarification and elimination of this Terms.

11. Russia.hr and advertising places of company Google which through advertising codes can also come to certain information about the users of portal Russia.hr, and only as a purpose of improvement our advertising content. Google, when gathering such information, follows the Rules on privacy http://www.google.com/intl/hr/policies/privacy/.

12. Russia.hr tries in every way to make the content useful and bring as much as possible information to user, but it is not responsible for possible incorrect contents published on pages or for contents  which are not updated.

13. Russia.hr is not responsible for possible breaks and errors in working of Russia.hr and can not guarantee that all contents will be available and that it will function undisturbedly. If you notice any mistakes, please inform us about that through the mail on: web@atlantis-travel.hr

14. Portal Russia.hr and all employees of portal Russia.hr and tourist agency Atlantis travel d.o.o. are not reliable for damages which might occur from the third side, partner-service provider (hotels, transfer service providers, airplane company an so on )

15. Portal Russia.hr and tourist agency Atlantis travel d.o.o. are not reliable for luggage or other personal things which might be damaged, destroyed or stolen (safe deposit box rental is advisable if there is possibility for that or paying the travelling insurance which includes luggage insurance as well).Lost luggage or theft should be registered at accommodation service provider, agency and to local police.

16. Issuing of visa or voucher is charged and it is not possible to get the money refund for them in case of cancellation.

17. Transfer can be cancelled maximum 3 days / 72 hours prior to service use. If it is cancelled in shorter period , money refund is not possible.

18. Portal Russia.hr and tourist agency Atlantis travel d.o.o. are not responsible in case of damages, accidents, deaths, or any other damage, lost or delaying of services by the third party, either by client or other service providers.

19. For each reservation, the users will receive, on personal mail, the confirmation of made reservation and advance payment account for services with stated reserved services, details needed for payment and the date until when the payment should be made.

20. Incase that the payment is not done or received, portal Russia.hr and tourist agency Atlantis travel d.o.o. retain the rights to cancel all the reserved services and compensate for occurred damage.

21. The accommodation price includes basic accommodation service and it is specified in the offer. The prices presented on web pages of portal are informative, the prices stated in offer are valid. Special services are not included in the accommodation price and the guest pays them personally. These services should be asked for when making reservation. So, all services which are not stated on the offer or voucher, the guests pay on their own if they use the same.

22. Agency has the right to change published prices ( in case of change in accommodation price by the service provider or due to exchange rate). If the change happens before the payment of advance payment and/or reservation confirmation by the guest, the agency informs the guest about the price change.

23. Terms on cancellation of reserved service by the client/user:

24. Accommodation units are described  according to official categorisation of authorised institution and according to the insight in real state of accommodation units in time of announcement. Standard accommodation and other services in some places and countries can be different and can not be comparable.

25. To the users of portal is strictly forbidden :

  • publishing, sending and exchange of contents which violate exiting Croatian and international laws, the contents that are offending, vulgar, threatening or chauvinistic and damaging in any other ways
  • publishing, sending and exchanging of information for which the visitor knows or assumes that are false, and whose use can be harmful to other users
  • false introduction, that is, presenting on behalf of other legal  or private person
  • publishing, sending or exchanging of contents which are protected by author rights
  • sending of chain messages
  • publishing, sending or exchanging of unwanted contents, specially contents with the commercial purpose without approval by Russia.hr
  • deliberate publishing, sending and exchange of contents which have viruses or similar computer files or programs made as a purpose to destroy or limit computer work
  • gathering, preserving and publishing of personal information of other portal visitors and users

26. Portal Russia.hr has the right to change using general terms at any time and it will not be responsible for any possible consequences which might occur from these changes.

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What is cookie?

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How to disable cookies?

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Does Russia.hr use cookies?

Yes, with primary aim to enable better user’s experience of our web page.

What kind of cookies are used on Russia.hr and why

Session cookies- are session cookies which point ( and are automatically deleted) when you close internet browser. We use session cookies to enable access to content and enable better user’s experience.

● Persistent cookies- they usually have expiring date far in the future and it will stay like that in your browser, until expiring, or until you delete them manually. We use persistent cookies to understand better the habits of users, so that we can improve web page according to your habits. This information is anonymous –we don’t see individual datas about user.

Does web page have third party cookies?

There are few outside services which store user’s limited cookies. These cookies are not set up by web page, but some are used for normal functions of certain possibilities that helps the users to access the content. Currently we enable:

Social networks

Sharing the articles on social networks (Facebook) sets the cookies to the user.

Statistics of web side traffic

Russia.hr uses statistics of web side traffic, and that is Google analytics

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○  Google Analytics – https://tools.google.com/ dlpage/gaoptout


Russia.hr can consist fix banners which are at the same time connections on external pages that can set up cookies for the user (third party cookies)

Additional information about excluding the cookies

Currently there are few web pages for excluding of stored cookies for different services.

You can get further information on next links:

        ●      http://www.youronlinechoices. eu/

Statement concerning the protection of personal data

  • By sending this inquiry I explicitly state that I voluntarily offered the disposal of my data to Atlantis Travel and am allowing that they use the same for the intent of the protection of my personal interests in all affairs contracted with Atlantis Travel.
  • This includes forwarding my personal data to third persons. Third persons are considered to be these persons that are essential for the realization of voyages concluded between Atlantis Travel and me.
  • I explicitly allow Atlantis Travel to use my personal date in their domestic and international evidence.
  • I agree that Atlantis Travel may use my personal data two years.

The traveler has the right to submit a complaint due to the unfulfilled agreed upon service. The traveler is obligated to issue a written complaint to ATLANTIS within 8 days after the finalization of the trip. Complaints issued after the deadline of 8 days will not be taken into consideration. We emphasize that it is in the best interest of the traveler to perform in good will and to show good will in solving the complaint during the trip and to submit his written complaint to the service provider on the spot (front desk, transport operator, caterer or travel agency in the destination) and to seek a written confirmation from the service provider that they received the complaint. Every traveler – contract carrier, issues a complaint individually. ATLANTIS will not take group complaints into consideration. ATLANTIS is obligated to issue a written solution for the complaint within 15 days after receiving the complaint and this is to be done in the way the complaint was received (e-mail, mail or personal deliver where it will be responded to through a written package with a return receipt). ATLANTIS will solve only those complaints where the traveler submits evidence that he has submitted a complaint to the service provider on the spot and that the cause could not be removed on the spot. If through the fault of ATLANTIS the program or a part of the service was unfulfilled, the traveler has the right to compensation to the height of the real value of the unused service and this cannot include already used services as well as the entire amount of the arrangement. In case of  last minute contracts  OR  contracts where the TRAVELLER finds outthe accomodation title upon arrival at the destinaton (promotions like fortune, roulette, no name, ace, jocker…) the TRAVELLER will accept all inherent risks. Such journeys involve unpredictable conditions (Force Majeure) which ATLANTIS cannot control in any way. What is more, the traveller has opted for this kind of arrangement due to special price, therefore any responsibility for claims arising from this arrangement will be waived by ATLANTIS.
In case of disputes related to online sales and service contracts, a consumer can file a complaint or submit his dispute through an interactive platform created to resolving disputes online, accessible via the following link: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/
Details of the competent body whose official supervision is subject to the activities of the travel agency: 
State Inspectorate, Tourist Inspection, Šubićeva 29, 10000 Zagreb
Podnositelj prigovora na putničke usluge, u svakom slučaju može podnijeti i prijedlog za mirenje Centru za mirenje Hrvatske Gospodarske komore, Roosveltov trg 2, 10000 Zagreb, mirenje@hgk.hr, www.hgk.hr.
Until ATLANTIS delivers a decision, the traveler shall abandon mediation of any other person, court establishments or providing information to the media.


In accordance with Art. 6 item 3 of the Law on Provision of Services in Tourism (“Narodne novine” 130/17) we inform customers that a complaint which express their dissatisfaction with respect to the purchased product or service provided may be submitted in writing and in the business premises and they will receive confirmation of this objection without any delay. An objection can also be filed by post to the following address:

Atlantis Travel d.o.o.
Slavonija 1/3
35000 Slavonski Brod


Atlantis travel d.o.o.
Petrinjska 59
10 000 Zagreb

or to the e-mail address: croatia@atlantis-travel.hr or zagreb@atlantis-travel.hr

or to the Book of Appeal that is exhibited at the office.

The answer to Your complaint will be provided in written form no later than 15 days after the receipt of the complaint.

Name and surname: ___________________
Response delivery address: ___________________

                                                                                                                                         January 2019.

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