What does the Russian press say about Croatian president Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović

Previous presidential elections in Croatia are commented by the most popular Russian medias. The victory of HDZ could have been predicted, as considered by journalists, but at its size and influence it was outstanding. Journalists try to predicted how will arrival of Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović influence Croatia and relations between Croatia and Russia.


Komsomolj’s pravda, one of the most popular Russian tabloids, last week published the article about the new president of Croatia, who is different from others. The author of the article, famous Russian journalist Darja Aslamova, praise Kolinda’s appearance and claims that Croatians need new attractive and sexy president, because everybody is “tired” with the last one. “ For the first time in history one woman has become the president of Croatia. 46-years old goddess of womanhood with magical Hollywood smile, American favourite, former Ambassador of Croatia in USA, former vice president of major secretary of NATO! Everybody is tired of former neoliberal president Ivo Josipović. At his time he won an election because he charmed Croatian women with his piano playing. (Nobody could have explained how the composer can improve the economy of one country, that unstoppably runs into failure),”

Darja Aslamova has the positive attitude towards HDZ, considering that this party can save Croatia from poverty and total bankruptcy. “It is necessary to realize the uniqueness of Europe, where everything turned upside down: former “ socialistic” parties went towards the globalization and totally gave up protectionism (protection of itself producer). They actually became “capitalistic” , while nationalist parties were forced to take up the social functions and protection of poor people. People, as a habit, vote for parties that in their names have “socialistic”, then say that they were wrong.(And they are right! They were actually fooled!). Similar to that was the result of this election in Croatia. Nationalist party HDZ won.

Journalist considers that the victory by Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović will not influence the relations between Croatia and Russia, because all Croatian governments were pro American or pro Nato. “The only hope is that the nationalists are more pragmatic and forced to think about the economy of the country. So they will have to look for a new partners. At least to sell Croatian tangerines in Russia.”

Vzgljad, popular conservative portal, publishes the article under the name “Croatia has chosen the American standard”.

Article author Evgenij Krutikov considers that Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović will support the level of tensions on the boarder with Serbia, because Croatia needs the enemy, in order to attracts the attention to itself from Bruxelles. “ And from Serbia is possible to see Russia even if it is not there”..The journalist thinks that Croatian president could act against Russia just like president of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite, who was educated in USA. “For Grybauskaite, Russia is number one enemy, and at the same time the instrument for pressuring the Europe.”

The author says that the election of Kolinda Grabar–Kitarović makes other countries happy.”First they started to be happy because of Kiev, directly connecting (even though not on an official level, but in the sense of local political scientists) her victory on presidential elections with the personal situation. It is said that Grabar-Kitarović is reactionist and follows the politics of NATO.So, she will very soon give (either sell-it is not important any more) to Ukraine lot of weapons so one more EU country will become protector of Majdan ideal.Next are Pre Baltic countries with almost the same rhetoric, just without direct connection with the weapon and other general European values.”

Russian resource of international information agency RIA News thinks that Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović won thanks to good campaign , that criticizes economy politics by Ivo Josipović. According to the words of Russian expert, “ the main reason for Josipović’s defeat is that the citizens are not satisfied with the social-economy situation in the country, with the 6 year in the row of recession. President’s name is closely connected to unsuccessful economy politics of current government with Zoran Milanović, where Josipović was not able to distance from the prime minister.”

Meanwhile, the embassy of Russian Federation in Croatia says that president Vladimir Putin sent at the end of January the letter where he congratulated to Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović on the victory in a presidential election in Croatia.


Source: Ruski vjesnik

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