Star of Istanbul fair IDEF – Hovercraft killer of aircraft carriers

Russian rocket hovercraft “Bora” project 1239, ship that floats on air pillow, from Black sea fleet ofRussian Federation, was in the centre of attention of all army experts on International fair of industry of defence (IDEF)2013 inIstanbul.

By the ships of project 1239 ( only two were built) the real breakthrough was realized in the area of army ship construction. Ships were initially imagined as assault carrier of rockets which can break through defence system of plane carrier and flood that floating airport. First time in history it was successfully set eight heavy anti-ship rockets on the ship which floats on air pillow- on so called hovercraft. Earlier something like that seemed impossible, first of all because ships of that kind have smaller dimensions and they are quite unstable and hitch of strong rocket while firing could easily turn over the vessel.

photography: Aleksander Mazurkević, RIA Novosti

While it moves on air pillow hovercraft “Bora” is almost impossible to stop. The heads of homing anti-ship rockets which are in arsenal of navy forces of NATO don’t have possibility to follow the target which moves at the speed of almost90 km/h.

Rocket hovercraft “Bora” project 1239 built of two narrow portholes in the hull section (similar to catamaran) mutually connected by the platform of length of64 mand wide17,2 m. Ship hull was made of specially light and very firm alloy of aluminium. Air pillow is created when from front is lowered semi shield (“apron”), and in the area (cavern) between two part hull the air is blown.

Hovercraft project 1239 has great features. From one side it is stabile catamaran capable for speed of up to 20 knots, and on the other side fast hovercraft with maximum speed of more than 50 knots. Along with displacement of only 1050 tons total power of power plant is 56.000 horse power. It has two diesel engines of 10.000 horse powers of strength for moving in regime of catamaran and two gas turbines of total strength of 36.000 horse power for moving in regime of hovercraft.

Since it has two separate drive units for cruising and moving at full speed, which can work separately and together, this ship has three main regimens walks (catamaran, hovercraft 1 and hovercraft 2) which guaranty almost hundred percent movement in every situation. Apart from that, it can move when main drive is turned off totally. Hovercraft only by the power of motor-ventilator can be moved with the wind (7m/s) with the speed of 3 knots thanks to air flow from air pillow on the poop.

Main deadly feature of hovercraft system is super sonic anti-ship missiles “Moskit”. Missiles are situated in two quadruple missiles units placed on left and right sides. Air defence of the ship is made of anti-plane missiles system “Osa MA” and two sixth tube automats AK-630M caliber30 mm. On the prow is situated universal automatic weapon AK-176 caliber76,2 mm.

For the first time in history it was successfully placed eight heavy anti-ship missiles on the ship which floats on the air pillow. Salvo of eight missiles “Moskit” can destroy every modern war ship, including nuclear plane carrier. So “Bora” was in the centre of attention of all naval experts gathered on the fair IDEF2013 inIstanbul.


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