Petersburg’s international economical forum

The biggest business and political happening in Russia- 17th Petersburg’s international economical forum will be held from 20th to 22nd June. It will be discussed about perspectives of global economy and the ways to achieve economical development  by more than 5 thousands participants from 30 world countries.

Main discussion topic of “Russian Davos “ 2013 will be totally actual topic. Perspective of global economy- time of crucial acting. ”Petersburg’s international economical forum is one of the key places in discussion of Russian and international economical plan. The theme is going out of stagnation and finding the way to accomplish stabile economical growth, the question actual for many countries. On the meetings, which are joined under the topic “Global plan of stabile economical growth”, it will be discussed on main factors, which determinate development of world economy, and also the question which measures should be taken to change economy and stimulate stabile growth.

Forum gathers key representatives of international business community, political and economical world elite, which will become the centre of traditional circular meetings “Talks that change world”, and which even now have very good reputation. On last year’s meetings, for example, the president Goldman Sachsa Lloyd Blankfein, was present , the founder of Mangrove Capital Gerard Lopez and Nobel prize laureate Henry Kissinger.

Two other important topics to discuss will be “Russia in global plan” (direction of Russian economy development and the role of Russia in global world, with the participation of Russian Federation government representatives) and “New change catalysts” , which will be about possibilities of use of advanced technologies and innovative access in solving economical and social tasks. Apart from that, on PMEF, traditional summit of energy companies will be held during which Rosneft last year signed whole range of contracts, including one with ENI and Statoil for Arctic, getting in return access to oil industry in Europe, oil fields in North Africa and other acts.

During its lasting PMEF went the way from forum of local characteristics to international  forum. “PMEF is an example of forum which we have in Russia”, admits Oleg Fomičev, minister of economy and development deputy. And indeed, there is lots of that according to which we should level: last year PMEF had 5 347 business participants, including 157 presidents of biggest international companies of which 55 enters Forbes list of the richest. Because of that Russian organizers  look up to it while preparing international happenings.

Additional importance is the fact that Russia will this year chair G-20.Beacuese of that in program of forum will be discussion on plan “big twenty”. On forum will probably participate  German’s chancellor Angela Merkel and Netherlands prime minister Mark Rutte.

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