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Hermitage in Saint Peterburg is one of the biggest museums in the world, consisted of five connected buildings.The scientists counted that you would have to spend 15 years of your life stopping at every exhibit for only a minute, 8 hours a day. We offer you this excursion to see at least the part of master-pieces exhibited in this museum. We will visit Winter castle, the most famous among 5 buildings in Hermitage, enjoy in the view to luxurious halls and some of the top painting pieces. Special places is reserved for collection by western European painter with 600 000 exhibits from the time of medieval till today and one of the biggest in the world of such kind. In Hermitage you will see pieces by Leonardo da Vincy, Rubens, Degas, Courbet, Renoir, Van Gogh and many others. Walking along the halls of this museum you will feel as travelling through the time and different countries of the world.

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