Cooming soon a cooperation between clinics Gazprom and Terme Selce

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The example of Polyclinic Terme Selce and its director Vlasta Brozicevic, medical doctor for Croatian ski team, the European Olympic Committee and the International Ski Federation, proves that cooperation is possible. “We have been cooperating with Russian doctors of sports medicine for a long time”.

“Thus, in recent years the Russian skiers in Austria have been operated by our associate orthopedics and have passed rehabilitation in Terme Selce”, says Brozicevic, pointing out that they have become a true sporting family. In recent days they have visited their cooperating clinics in Moscow and talked to the Russians about the rehabilitation in the Mediterranean climate in Kvarner and activities throughout the year. Cooperation will be continued in April, and Russians will send their therapists to school in Selce. We were guests of the high standard Gazprom clinics, which recognized our potential, and we agreed several different programs of sending their patients.

“It would be an individual program at first, but later it could be organized in groups”, said Brozicevic. By arriving to Moscow they improved their contacts with colleagues and agencies in Moscow and have positive impressions. They hired an employee who speaks Russian so they would be well prepared for the Russian clients. Already this summer, we expect an increased number of patients who want to improve their health and who know how to recognize superior service, and all that goes with it, gastronomy and good accommodation.

Source: Glas Slavonije

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