Sergei Sobyanin won the election for mayor of Moscow

Moscow’s mayor acting Sergey Sobynin won in an election for mayor in Russian capital. According to Moscow’s Election Commission, after counting of 99,64 % of ballot papers on polling stations, Sobyanin got 51,32 % of votes.

Blogger Alexei Navalny got 27,27 % , Ivan Melnikov (Communist Party)- 10,71 %.Leader Yabloko fraction Sergey Mitrokhin- 3,52 %, Mihail Degtyarev (LDPR)- 2,86 %, Nikolaj Levichev (Righteous Russia)- 2,79 %.

Alexei Navalny, who got second place on election, said that he didn’t acknowledge election results. According to his opinion, second round should be held. It was predictable result of votes.

Voting was held in 80 Russian regions on Sunday 8th September. Russians chose the leaders of 8 regions-Vladimir Moscow Magadan, Trans-Baikal and Khabarovsk territory, Republic Khakassia, Chukotke, and capital Moscow. In Ingushetia and Dagestan republic, local MPs were chosen from republic’s leaders.

Apart from that, on 8th September, elections were held in legislative assembly of 16 regions, as well as officials of eight administrative centre. Representatives of 54 political parties took place in an election.

The election for Moscow’s mayor got the biggest attention in current election campaign, which doesn’t surprise at all, thanks to concentration of liberal medias in capital city.

Alexei Navalny and his team led very aggressive campaign. Till the end of campaign, Navalny was everywhere.

As the election day came closer, tactics of Navalny’s team was more than obvious, so they even tried to publish fictional results. According to results of these polls second round would be inevitable since it was predicted that Sobyanin had 46 %, and Navalny 35 % of votes.

Results of exit polls of research agencies showed that there would not be second round. According to them, Sergey Sobyanin would get 52 to 56 %, and Alexei Navalny 29 %.

Voting  on 8th September, from the point of view of observers and different political parties, is almost impeccable.

Navalny’s result can seem at the first sight firm, since he got more votes than sociologists predicted. But, if somebody analyze the figures, Navalny didn’t become “candidate of all Moscow’s citizens”, because he got support of something more than 630 thousand people of total of 7 million electors in Moscow.

Supporters of mayor Sergey Sobyanin were sure that he will win. Many of them didn’t go to the election. Apart from that, many Muscovites rather spend a day outside town. In any case Sergey sobyanin won in first round.

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