Serbian food again in Russia


On the biggest fair of food industry in the countries of former Soviet Union „World Food Moscow“ which was held from 16th to 19th September in Moscow, 15 Serbian companies presented as a part of two national stands, fruit and vegetables: “AgropromCom”, “Art-Ival” , “BAG”, “Coolfood”, “Frigonais”, “Fruvela”, “Grof of Milutovac”, “Jugprom”, “PIK Južni Banat” and “Primar Tehno”, and meat and connected industries: “Agrimes”, “Beocapra”, “Zlatiborac”, “Carnex”, “Nedeljković”.

The aim is participation on this fair is to promote and increase export of Serbian food industry on themarket of 140 million people, which 40% of its food needs fulfils from import. In fact, Russia exports more than 50% of meat and dairy products. Thanks to Agreement on free trade, Russia presents very important export market for Serbia, where in last year they exported the value of nearly milliard dollars.

“World Food Moscow” is leading international fair from food industry on the market of Russia and countries of former Soviet Union, which exists for 20 years in Moscow. Fair consists of 11 theme units separated into pavilions-fruit and vegetables, milk and dairy products, meat and fish, confectionery products, tea and coffee and others.


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