Rusi će financirati Južni tok u Srbiji

Construction of pipelines South flow through Serbia will be ,totally, financed by Russian banks or Gazprom. Conceptual design is finished, and currently is worked on finalisation of technical project which should be done till 30th June. It is soon expected arrival of financial team of Gazprom and banks which will follow South flow, first of all Sberbank and Gazprom bank, after which the financing will be defined. The beginning of works is expected at the end of November, or at the beginning of December, and till then it will be started with purchase ofland, or partial expropriation because only small part of land will be purchased permanently. Money sources for that purpose are guaranteed. Preparatory works are in final stage after which it is expected to get confirmation of revision on technical performance of project, so in September it can be expected  the conquest for contractors.


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