Russians not satisfied with Serbian apples

Export of Serbian apples to Russia is threaten after it was discovered high concentration of pesticides, even determination of export is possible.

Russian prime minister Dmitrij Medvedev also point that out sending the massage to the traders that import of agriculture products is not acceptable neither when talking about quality or price. Until the warning on pesticides came, Serbian fruit producers exported to Russian market at least 80 thousand tons of apples, and sometimes nearly 150 thousand tons, but export fell down to 31 thousand tons.Russiawas, with the purchase of 95% of total Serbian apple growth, the biggest buyer of that fruit. High level of pesticides was found in imported amount of 60 tons. In Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS) claim that these apples origin from Macedonia and they are re exported to Russia.

So far, the export is cut down by half comparing to last years, what is big loss for producers since cold storages are full, and domestic market due to too high price can’t accept these amounts. The apple price went up , and they became more expensive than bananas and other citrus fruit, when almost total crop was exported toRussia, and to Serbian market came apples from import, mostly fromPoland.

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