Russians ask questions, Putin replies: “Sanctions will not last forever, we are not Iran”

Russian president Vladimir Putin stated for the “Direct line” show, that sanctions against his country will not be terminated soon, because Russia’s geopolitical partners “are trying to hinder our development”. Russian president began answering questions from citizens which, as announced, this year reached more than 1.7 million.

Putin Direktna linija

To answer a question whether the sanctions could remain in force for over a decade, Putin said “Russia is not Iran”, Russian media quoted. Putin claims that sanctions will enforce Russia to modernize its industry and agricultural division, so there is no need to wait for rescission. He also said that Moscow is coping well with the economic risks, and that he expects economic recovery in two years.

In the show, which will last for several hours, Putin will talk about the issues of domestic and foreign policy. Who ever wants to ask him a question, can do it by phone, internet or mobile applications. “So far we received 1,2 million phone calls, 24 thousand MMS, 285 thousand text messages, 6.500 videos, and 190 thousand e-mails”, says Dmitrij  Peskov, Putin’s press spokesman.

This is Putin’s 13th  guest appearance on the “Direct line” show, where he will answer questions live, and the program is jointly organized by two national TV channels- “Channel 1” and “VGTRK”.

Last year’s show lasted less than 4 hours, and the longest marathon of Putin’s questions and answers lasted for 4 hours and 47 minutes.

Source: Vesti online

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