Russians are excited with Croatian products

The company „Sardina” from Postira has made an agreement worth around one million euros for additional supply of canned fish and pate for the current year on the Russian market. The company “Podravka” from Koprivnitsa has announced about further expansion of the assortment on the Russian market, reported on Friday Croatian Chamber of Economy in its statement regarding the participation of the two companies at PRODEXPO in Moscow.

Sardine “Podravka” and “Sardina” participated in the 23rd international exhibition of food, beverages and food raw materials PRODEXPO 2016, which took place from February, 8th to February, 12th where they had been presented to a number of Russian retail chains and more than 100 regional, federal and local retail market chains,  stated the Chamber.

“This exhibition sets guidelines for the development of the Russian food industry. That is why we in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in the Russian Federation have provided direct assistance and support to Croatian companies to be promoted and to perform on this market”, – said Director of the Representation of Croatian Chamber of Economy in Moscow, Jacov Despot.

Despot added that Croatian Chamber of Economy will go on even more intensively helping Croatian companies to find new business partners in the Russian market as well as to conclude new business contracts.

According to the information provided by Croatian Chamber of Economy, “Podravka” is the leader for sales of “Vegeta” and soups on the Russian market. It has presented its products and business opportunities and has announced a further expansion of the assortment range. “Podravka” sells more than one hundred different products that are presented at 30 000 retail outlets on the Russian market.

„Sardina” has made an agreement worth around one million euros. This means that there will be the additional supply of one million and 200 thousand cans of sardines, tuna, mackerel and fish pate,” – reported Croatian Chamber of Economy.

As has added Mr. Despot the exhibitors were visited by the first secretary of the Croatian Embassy in the Russian Federation Sandra Tvrtkovic and the counselor of the Croatian Embassy in the Russian Federation,  Maya Foretic Pecnik. At the same time, the exhibitors are discussing the possibilities and ways of possible support to be provided by the Representation of the Croatian Chamber of Economy and the Embassy of Croatia, ​​and have agreed further cooperation in entry into the Russian market.

predexpoThis 23 international exhibition of food, drinks and raw materials PRODEXPO 2016 brought together more than 2,000 exhibitors from 65 countries and it took 48 000 square meters of exhibition space.

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