Russian technology for the world

Last year Moscow sold, on the international market of armament and army technique, different weapons for the amount of 12 milliard American dollars. But the delivery of finished products is not the only thing which Russia can suggest to the world market. Russian technologies are also delivered abroad, on whose basis other countries stabilize production of personal production.

Russian motors RD-180 for cosmic rockets middle class became the motive for huge investigation of American antitrust service. Two American companies, United Launch Alliance (ULA) and Orbital Sciences had a quarrel because one does not let the other to get the motors in Russia needed for rockets “Antares” which perform the flights as a part of NASA program.

For Russian rocket technologies France was also interested. French were among the first to order from Russian KB “Fakel” the system of vertical launching for its naval PVO rocket complex Crotale Naval. Russian “now how” consists of that that the rockets of complex S-300/400, on which basis French system was made, are launched vertically in the air from the container and in air are navigated via radio channel to aim. In this way the time of reaction is decreased, for almost 6 times compared to west analogues which had to develop launching services towards the aim. Apart from that, in this way in total all so called “dead areas” are shut down in defence through which they can penetrate the opponent’s rockets.

There are examples of lending of Russian technologies to plane industry. Moscow and Kiev for 15 years already can not solve the destiny of joined projects of army-transporting plane AN-70.Its originality is in turbo ventilating motors D-27 with coaxial rotors. Because of them,this machine can take off and land on shorter runways.

Army-technical potential of Russian companies does not fall behind after American and European. There are areas where Moscow is ready to lend technologies from others ( for example in optics and electronics), but there are also those where it is ready with the colleagues from the world share its resources and experience.

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