Russian region Kemerovo completely bans foreign adoptions


Legislative body in mining area Kemerovo voted that it should be put totally outside the law the adoption of children by foreigners. Kemerovo is a first region in Russian Federation which enters such radical measure.

Reasons are, as some of MP of Kemerovo explain, many reports on violation of children rights adopted by foreign families, about cruel treating even forced death of this children. One of the aims of the law is to forbid buying and selling of adopted Russian children through internet.

Currently there are two similar bans on adopting in Russia, ban for adoption by American citizens, according to authorization of American organisations, which became valid at the end of December 2012, while ban for adoption by foreign same-sex couples was introduced at the beginning of July this year.

Apart from that, Russian authorities advocate bilateral agreements with other countries which regulate adoption. These documents allow to Russian authorities some kind of control over adopted children’s destiny who are considered as Russian citizens before becoming adults, and after that they alone can choose their citizenship.

Few Russian authorities also suggests bans for adopting of Russian children in countries where same-sex marriages are legal, but this proposition was not accepted.

Initial act of ban of American adoptions started a wave of protests by Russian mass medias, on internet, and sometimes on Russian streets. The opponents of this measure point out that in this way ten thousands of Russian orphans will not get the chance for better over sea life, adding that American citizens often adopt sick children who otherwise would not have a chance for adoption here.

Supporters of this law point out on the fact that American authorities were extremely willing to let to Russian diplomatic staff to supervise the cases of cruel treating of children, and sometimes even murderer of adopted Russian Children in American families.

When the ban was introduced, Russian law representatives went to bring many amendments for adoption of internal procedures of adoption with the aim to increase state quotes  for adoption.

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