Ruska istraživanja nafte kod Prnjavora

Russian company „Kalinjingrad geofizika“ started exploring the possibility of oil  and gas fields on area of Prnjavor. Explorations are done according to basic contract with Association for exploration and oil and gas production “Jadran-naftagas” from Banja Luka and according to approval of government of Republic of Serbia.

We plan to explore the area of Kulaši-Popovići, from Ribnjak to Štrpci and in Vijačanima, till the end of May with around 50 workers working on it. From Russian company was asked to send location coordinates where explorations will be held, so that citizens are informed about works on time, as well as possible consequences due to special machines and vehicles. Service for estimation and damage compensation will be formed and compensated by “Jadran-naftagas”.

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