Russian MPs on homosexual rights for parental care

MP in state Duma from parliamentary group United Russia Zhuravlev claims that recently presented ban for promotion of non traditional sexual relationships towards minors should be spread on families as well. So, homosexual parents don’t have right to rise children.

In explanation of law it says that non traditional sexual orientations of one of both parents could become sufficient reason to take away their parental rights, with the explanation ”that going into sexual contact of one of the parents with the person of the same sex could have negative influence on child’s psychic development.”

Changes should be applied on those whose families have already collapsed due to non traditional contracts of one of the spouses and also on families where non traditional sex is practiced openly by the one of the parents. In case when woman simply doubts that her spouse has non traditional sexual relationships, Court and Investigative committee (Russian top agency for laws in settling specially important and  resonant cases), would explore this claim.

Currently, Russian law orders that alcoholism, drug indulging, crime against child’s life and voluntary refusing of taking care for child id enough for taking away parental rights.

So far MPs are very skeptical on this initiatives. Olga Batalina, deputy in the Committee for family and children in Duma, said that instead of looking for new reasons for development and breaking up of families, it should be more thought of the ways to leave children with their parents. Batalina also pointed out that Russia acknowledge only traditional marriage , and all other relationships are outside legal sphere and can’t be regulated by the state.

MPs of Communist party are ready to talk if  Zhuravlev agrees to supervise personally non traditional sexual praxis in families, and presents official report on results of this monitoring.

In documents in favor of law, Zhuravlev relies on researches which were carried by Mark Regnerus, assistant professor on University Texas in Austin. Regnerus claims that children of people who have homosexual relationships are less confident, believe that they are less equal with other children of heterosexual parents (60-70 % comparing to 90%).Apart from that Regnerus claims that children of homosexual parents showed three times higher frequency of VD (25% of 8%), five times higher suicidal tendencies (25 % of 5%) and three times higher level of “ inability to stay faithful partners” (40% to 13%)

Respected Russian activist for homosexual rights Nikolay Aleksejev said to the journalist that he couldn’t believe that Donji dom didn’t approve the law or that it could have been signed by the Russian president.

“President have said that the rights of homosexually oriented person have not been damaged in our country. This initiatives create unwanted tensions between Russia and west. This is provocation against Russian government”, said Aleksjev.

President Vladimir Putin have rejected the accusations few times that recent law initiatives in Russia are discriminatory to homosexuals. In the latest interview for Associated Press and Russia Channel On, Putin said that he had “absolutely normal relationships” with the representatives of LGBT groups adding that he works with that kind of persons, and sometimes even gives them state awards.

President of Presidential council of human rights, Mihail Fedotov, said that the new law is disaster and attempt to get popularity through blowing up insignificant , but disputable problems.

“Maybe we should take away driving license to all left handed people? They are left handed and cars’ steering wheel is on the left side, and it must be harder for them to drive. This is disaster when it is question which is on 30th place at importance rose up on the top of social awareness  and blown up to the point of global cataclysm, because after that we don’t know what to do with it”, said the activist for human rights.

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