Russian businessman Burlakov ready to buy thermal power plants Trbovlje

According to unofficial information, Russian business man and owner of Burneftgaz, Oleg Burlakov is ready to buy thermal power plants Trbovlje (TET) for which he would pay, to major owner, national Holding of Slovenian power plant (HSE), 11 million euro. Burlakov would buy TET through its Swiss company Edelweis and it would take over the obligation to invest in renovation of Slovenian thermal power plants 60 million euro, and the biggest number of currently employed would stay.

About buying of TET which produces around 6 % of total Slovenian electricity, Burlakov was, according to media quotes, negotiating last year and at the beginning of this year, but the agreement was not done. Now he has shown interest again  on an international contest and finished deep business search. Business could be realized because with Burlakov’s offer are satisfied current owners, management and employees in thermal power plants.

According to media quotes, the dilemma stays connected to since the new owner would orient on import of coal since current stocks in mine Trbovlje-Hrastnik are short and that mine will have to, in future, be closed, while investing in new mining is not probable or economic.


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