Golden ring

Golden ring (Russian: Золото́е Кольцо́) is the name for few towns not far from Moscow. Towns rich in architectural monuments and historical testimonies for decades attract tourists. As main destination they most often choose towns, will tell you that it is real shame not to visit it during your trips and don’t spend some of your time to this real museums under the clear sky (the offer of trips of towns of Golden ring you can see here)

In Golden ring is more than 20 towns. The most popular or, as Russians call them- main towns are Sergey Posad, Pereslavl- Zalesski,Rostovthe Great,Kostroma,Ivanovo, Yaroslav, Suzdalj andVladimir. Those towns are quiet often accompanied by Ribinsk, Aleksandrov and Uglich.

Where does the name Golden ring come from?


Very few traveling lovers haven’t heard about the name Golden ring. But very few knows when and how it became. First time the name Golden ring appeared in 60s whenthe journalit Jurij Bičkov recognized the value and beauty of heritage these towns preserve.He wrote many articles about eight historically and culturally important towns north east from Moscow and help in popularity of those towns as tourist destination.

If you look on the map, you will se that they are spread in the shape of the circle  from where probably the idea of the ring came form. The golden represents the value which those towns had in the history for Russian nation and history, and it is possible that many golden domes  contributed to that.


Towns of Golden ring hide the pieces of masters form the gold age of architecture of 12th and 13th century, valuable monuments from the time of great revival in Russian culture and art (end of 14th -15th century), different picturesque buildings from 16th, 17th and 18th century. They are real chests of old and protectors of old times. Find out the secrets of history and the spirit of oldRussia. Choose some of the tours or create it themselves according to your wish with the help of our experts for Russia!

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