Russia wrotes off the debt of African countries

Russia answered on appeal of UN and wrote off to African countries more than 20 milliard dollars of debt.Russiapaid in 50 million dollars in funds of World bank for support of the most vulnerable countries, first of all to those south fromSahara. Donor Aid whichRussiasent to World program for food of UN was dedicated toEthiopia,Somalia,Guinea,KenyaandDjibouti. Via UNICEF the help was sent toEthiopia,Kenya,Somalia,DjiboutiandEritrea. Humanitarian aid is offered to countries from this region, among others on bilateral basis as well.

Till now was paid off more than 20 milliard dollars of basic debt of African countries. apart from that, Russia made, as a part of initiative of UN “Debts for development”, bilateral agreements with Zambia and Tanzania, according to which the sums of their debt to Russian Federation will be spend for financing of perspective projects in area of  agriculture, education and medicine, and currently the preparations for signing of similar agreements with Benin, Mozambique and Ethiopia are done-

Russian Federation also participates in initiative of UN “Education for all” as a part of which during 2008-2012 is planned with the help of program of World bank to give 42,9 million dollars for development of quality of primary education in developing countries including African countries. Apart from that, Russia  made, in this area, bilateral partnership with the countries of African continent, so currently more than 8 thousand African students study at Russian universities, from that around 4 thousand students have state scholarship.

The support ofRussiais significant in health care inAfrica. Total sum of charities in Global fund for fight against aids, tuberculosis and malaria reached 100 million dollars.

Russia also participated in peace operations on continent, and programs for African staff are spread in peace organizations and judicial authorities and safety in Africa.

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