Russia invests over 11 milliard euros in their Silicon Valley

Russian government plans to invests more than three milliard euro of public funds till 2020 in development of centre for innovation Skolkovo, project of Russian Silicon valley. Total investments are estimated on 11,5 milliard euro of what nearly three quarters will be provided by private investors, and 3,1 milliard federal budget. By this funds it will be established 50 research centres and 1000 start up companies, and it has already been founded nearly 1000 companies with 13 000 working places.

Project Skolkova would have to draw attention of best Russian and foreign scientists, and they will develop projects in area of information technology, biotechnology, energetic efficiency, nuclear energy and space.


But, this project is followed by scandals, so FSB in April searched offices in Skolkovo as a part of investigation on embezzlement of 600 000 euro of public funds given for development centre for innovations, which hasn’t achieved anything significant from the founding two years ago as it was suspected.

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