Russia looks for workers

According to new trends and information which come fromRussian Federation, speciallyMoscow,Russiais new promised land. Russian economy stand well, growth rates are high, and, it has natural sources according to which the country will develop further and attract investments.

Moscow’s mayor Sergey Sobjanjin has stated that inMoscowin needed million workers of all kind. Russian capital, says Sobjanjin, will employ foreigners with the condition that they pass Russian language test and know at least 850 Russian words. The advantage will have workers from previous soviet republics because of knowledge of Russian language, but the news is some kind of surprise because we are accustomed to receive these kind of offers  from developed western European countries such as Germany who have announced the list of jobs where they want to employ the workers outside European union because as one of the rear countries who haven’t been touched by recession use that to attract the best workers from East. On the call fromMoscow, which came little after German’s announcement, it can be looked as Russian marketing try to make workers leaned to them to buy ticket in their direction.

Anyway, toRussiahave already arrived 80 000 workers fromSerbiawith whoRussiahas interstate agreement. Only inSochicurrent works around 15 000 Serbian builders, as well as experts of all profiles, from engineers to doctors. When talking about Croats, mostly stayed inRussiapeople who have already had business or diplomatic contacts, but there are also the experts who have been hired in oil industry.

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