Russia guarantees full security at the Olympic Games in Sochi

Russian is really trying to ensure the adequate safety for future Winter Olympic games which will be held next year in Sochi. Russian prime minister Dimitrij Medvedev said that Russia have made numerous of safety measures around the town, situated on Black sea which is on the boarder with unstable region of North Caucasus where Islamic rebellions daily threaten with the violence.” It is needed to take more measures of safety in order to make the games unforgettable. Numerous threats, are present in our country, so we all do the best we can- special forces are daily on the field, and the Government does everything possible to guaranty absolute safety”, said Medvedev who believes that they will succeed in that and that the Game will be remembered only as a sports happening. Even though he didn’t specify which measures of safety have been taken, it is expected that the expenses of Games which will be held in February next year will go over 50 milliard American dollar. Safety services set up video surveillance system around the whole town, and during the Games they plan to use unmanned aircraft to supervise the area spread to Black sea where the competition in ice skating will be held and all the way to Caucasus. Russian police will be placed along the area between Sochi and mountain chain of North Caucasus, where rebellions try to establish Islamic country. Rebellion, which resulted till now in two separatist wars in Russian county Chechnya which also spreads on north Caucasus and Dagestan, 600 km from Sochi, became the centre of violence.The chief of International Olympic committee Thomas Bach visited Sochi these days in order to get full insight in preparations for Games and said that he was sure that the Games will be magnificent.

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