Russia entry requirements for foreign citizens

On June 8, 2018 representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia reported that more than 2 million visas were issued to foreigners in Russia last year, which is twice as large than in 2016 year. According to experts a large number of tourists could visit Russia with the abolition of entry visas or with the introduction of a simplified visa regime.

As was reported by the representative of City Sightseeing Russia, Sergey Lavrentiev: “The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained at a meeting of the relevant authorities and associations that the abolition of the visa regime with European countries is impossible.” Sergei Lavrentiev added that foreigners obtain a visa strictly for the period of the duration of the trip, even those tourists who have already been to Russia several times. Also, a representative of City Sightseeing Russia asserts that a tourist who has gone through all the obstacles of obtaining a visa will prefer next time another country for holidays. According to him: “Russian visa legislation is the legacy of the ” iron curtain “of the USSR, which should be urgently disposed of for the development of integration with the rest of the world.”
But observers believe that the chances that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs might change the visa legislation is very small.


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