Russia develops sixth-generation of unmanned war planes

Russian plane designers work on creating of sixth generation of unmanned war planes, as general of Russian army Peter Deinekin said.

Currently Russia tests its fifth generation of war planes T-50 (PAK FA). At the same time, while experts believe that many European countries will not work on fifth generation of war planes- they will “jump” on sixth, where prime attention will be put on unmanned  ways of attack.

According to the words by Peter Deinekin, Russia can not afford jumping over one generation of planes after all economy problems. Development of fifth generation of war planes was inevitable. He pointed out that it is not needed to compare Russia with France for example, which can buy fifth generation of fighters from United States of America. Russia have to handle this independently.

“I believe that Russian air force has its second birthday. After Russian transfer  to market economy and changes in social arrangements, state authorities have not paid too much attention on the army, let alone on air force. Now situation have changed. Significant amount of money were given for development of army, tactic and other sectors of planes. Main problem is in plane industry designers and in leading people of air force. They should take advantage of good situation. It is enough to wipe tears , it is time to work”, said by Deinekin.

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