Russian diamonds and restaurants will try their luck in USA and China


Some of biggest Russian traders will go on foreign markets. Russian biggest diamond producer ALROSA, sports equipment Sportmaster and popular  sushi restaurant “Two Sticks” will test their products in Beijing, London and New York.

Russian diamond mining giants ALROSA wants to continue its international campaign in retail and it is close to signing three year contracts with Signet Jewelers Ltd, the biggest seller of wedding and engagement rings in retail in USA and Great Britain. London’s branch will buy ALROSA diamonds in the value of 80 million dollars. In USA, the diamonds will sell in Kay and Jared jewelry store , and in Great Britain in H.Samuel, Ernest Jones and Leslie Davis stores. American retail diamond market in world sale participate with 40 %.

ALROSA currently distributes diamonds to companies such as Tiffany & CO, and spreads market, before expected privatisation in October, where Russian government plans to sell 14% of company, in the value between 14-15 milliard dollars.

ALROSA recently started projects in Angola, Botswana and Namibia, but mostly it works from Russian region Yakutsk. ALROSA in world diamond production participates with 25%, and makes 97 % of diamond production in Russia.

When it is talked about sports equipment, Russian biggest sports equipment trader Sportmaster, will allegedly spread sale on north of China at the beginning of May 2014.

Marks will specially be adjusted to Chinese market, and it will include Chinese signs on clothes. They will sell big brands available in Russia-Nike, Adidas, Fila and O’Neill.

Sports group will rent five shops which will cost company more than 6 million dollars a year.

Esper Group, Moscow’s fashion consulting group, estimates clothes market on around 60 milliard dollars in 2013, with the sale which grows for 16%, depending on assortments. Russian sports market expects 8 milliard dollars till the end of 2013.

China is the biggest Russian trading partner. In 2012 trading exchange between two countries reached 88 milliard dollars. In first part of 2013, exchange was 50 milliard dollars, according to information from Russian federal customs service.

Sportmaster already have 356 shops under their name and mark “Ostin”, and opened shops far on east, in Vladivostok. Sportmaster also works in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova and Mongolia.

St. Petersburg’s restaurant chain “Two Sticks”, which offers Chinese and American food will allegedly try their luck in one of the biggest trade centres of New York-Times Square.

Chain, in the ownership of Mihail Tevelev and Evgeny Kadomskaya, will open its shops in New York after it insures 10 million dollars of investments, of which half will be used for covering the rental expenses in expensive city centre.

Ginza Project, which started Russian restaurants Mari Vanna and Manon in United States of America, estimates that that investments could go over 10 million, since the restaurants would not start working with the profit less than 3 years.

Brasserie Pushkin, which also was situated in New York’s quarter Midtown, was closed “due to renovation” at the end of 2012, with the promise that it would be opened again early in 2013, but it is still closed. While Pushkin is expensive restaurant “two sticks” has cuisine with lower prices.

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