Russian anti-gay law could influence Olympic games


Russia is lately often in news, but not in a good way. Obstinate attitude and law against lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender (LGTB) community, have induced the discussion on possible influence on Winter Olympic games (ZOI) which will be held in Sochi in February. New law, supported by president Vladimir Putin, forbids meetings and public support to gay communities, so it is forbidden to point out rainbow flag in public, and first person of Russian Orthodox church equals gay marriages with apocalypse. Social medias have played the role in disclosure of this anti gay climate abroad. Skiing area should have hosted around 15 most popular winter sports at the Games, including alpine skiing, cross country skiing, ski jumping, snowboarding , speed skating and ice skating. Being the host is a big thing for region, since this kind of event will be held in Russia (technically, Moscow Olympic was in 1980 held in Soviet Union). But, even though some Russian politicians distance themselves from this law to be valid on tourist during Olympic games, spectators and sportsmen, understandably, are concerned. Even though gay visitors will not prosecuted only because they are gay, but they were publicly manifested that, it is far from welcoming. Some LGBT activists called on international boycott of Games, while others refuse to buy Russian products, including Russian vodka. Tour operator Isram World last week announced that will no more accept new reservations for Russia due to anti-gay law. While Olympic committee and NBC, which will broadcast the program, are on the target because not talking about the problem and not taking the view on this controversial Russian law, some sports men are against the boycott. American Olympic skater Johnny Weir, for example, whose husband is Russian skater, said that he planned to participate , hoping that their presence will be support and stimulus for local lesbian and gay groups. The bigger losers could be summer resort in Sochi, which is also prepared for hosting of summit G8 and Russian Formula 1 race Grand Prix 2014 .Summer resort counts on summer and winter visitors, and tourist workers hope that it could become beach and ski playground for world passengers. In expectation of increased demands new hotels are built. Radisson Blu already exists, for example while Swissotel Hotels &Resorts are opened during ZOI. Even though it is not clear what the outcome will be, it is sure that this story will still be in the centre of attention.

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