Russia- interesting and vast wonderland

From day to day we see that Russians are very specific people- just one look at Instagram and everything is clear. There is much to see in this great country, spread on two continents, and even though every day we hear or see something new related to Russia, there are still some facts that you did not know.

Putinov portret

* Russia is the only country in the world which has access to 12 seas.

* The Ural Mountains, which separates Russia to European and Asian part, is the oldest mountain range in the world.

* Distance between Moscow and Chicago is smaller than the distance between Chicago and Rio de Janeiro.

* Saint Petersburg is the northernmost city in the world with a population over one million inhabitants.

*  Siberia is 9.7 million square kilometers big, which makes 9% of the total land surface.


* Russians never had slaves. The period of feudalism in Russia lasted less than in England, so they didn’t have time to develop this habit.

* On January 16th, Russian researchers Thaddeus Belingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev discovered the Antarctic.

* One of the most popular computer games, Tetris was created by Russian progammer Alexey Pajitnov.

* Ivan the Terrible was not the tyrant, he ruled quite affectionately- compared to his European counterparts, he has killed far less people.

Moskovski metro

* The waiting period of two trains in Moscow Metro is shorter than anywhere in the world. During the rush hour, the waiting period for the next train is 90 seconds maximum.

* Half of the city of Chelyabinsk is located in the Urals, and the other half in Siberia. Camel is on its coat of arms. Today there are no camels anymore, but they have lived here 200 years ago when the city was important caravan station.

* Not so long ago, more millionaires lived in Moscow than anywhere else in the world.

* Russian Public Library is the largest in Europe and second largest in the world. It was founded in 1862.

* On the opening day of the first McDonald’s in Moscow, 5,000 people formed a line at five in the morning, across the Pushkin Square. On its first day, restaurant served over 3,000 guests, and is still the most visited McDonald’s in the world.

* In 2012 UNESCO included the city of Yekaterinburg in the list of twelve of ideal cities to live in.

* City Suzdal extends over 15 square kilometers, has only 10,000 inhabitants, and 53 churches.

Genije ruskog naoružanja: Mihail Kalašnjikov

* Russian scientists invented TV, electronic microscope, helicopter, bomber, VCR, color photography, petrol engine, combine, pistol, synthetic rubber, radio, drill, projector, electric submarine, detergent, and many others.

* Russia has at least 15 secret cities. They are not on maps and there is no signposts to get there.

* In 1980 a conflict between Russia and Sweden almost arose. The Swedes caught strange noises coming from the depths of the sea and they assumed that it was a Russian submarines. The incident was completed when scientists discovered the fish that produces such sounds – by letting gases!

* Dacha is a unique Russian phenomenon. Russian Tsar Peter the Great would donate his servants the land, and they were free to build houses and experiment with architecture on it.

Car Nikolaj poslednji vladar iz loze Romanova

* Each ruler from the Romanov dynasty gave to his successor the land bigger than the one he received during his reign.

* Russian cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev set the world record for the stay in space- he spent up there over 803 days in a row.

* Moscow City park is much larger than the largest urban gardens of metropolis. Izmailovski park area is 15.35 square kilometers, making it six times larger than Central Park in New York.

Volgograd/Staljingrad/Caricin na reci Volgi

* At the mouth of the Volga River there is the largest field of wild lotus in the world.

* In May 1990, Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda sold the highest number of copies in the world, even 22 million.

* In the list of countries that perform the most illegal copying of software, Russia is at modest 37th place between Lebanon and Peru.

* Russia is considered an European country, but two thirds of its territory is located in Asia.

* Until 1917 in Russia, you could have bought gun like it’s flour or sugar.

Source: Vesti online

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