Russia… Large, endless and amazing.

Russia… Large, endless and amazing.

Its territory and culture are so diverse that you can travel in Russia as often as possible — and every time you will discover this country anew.

The Russians themselves refer to their country as “Russia the Soul”.

Being the successor of the ancient Byzantine Empire, it is a country with a thousand-year long history.

It is home to more than 180 nationalities. For centuries, all the world’s main religions have coexisted peacefully in Russia.

For tourists, Russia is attractive not only because of its ancient history and because of its culture. It is also of great interest for fans of outdoor activities.

Incredibly beautiful landscapes and mountains of the subtropics in the south of the country…

Oymyakon is the coldest place on Earth, with winter temperatures dropping to seventy degrees below zero, and it keeps attracting more and more tourists from all over the world.

The Russian Tibet — Altai…. The Russian north… The lower course of the Volga — Akhtuba… The hunting grounds of Siberia…

The Russian capital — Moscow — is one of the largest megalopolises of the world… Smaller cities and population centers where the traditional ways of Russian life, folk craft and art have been preserved.

And thousands of square kilometers of yet unexplored land in the southeast of Russia where no man has ever set foot.

There is no doubt that these vast territories and their variety have had their influence on the unique Russian character.

Russia… It covers nine time zones and 83 regions — the history, culture and residents of which are so different from each other. These are the elements that have shaped this amazing country.




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