Oživljavanje LNG-projekta

Gazprom could revival in year 2007 frozen LNG-project on Baltic sea, and in that area Russian company wouldn’t have problems with regulation of Third energetic package of European union. Head of Gazprom Aleksej Miler has announced soon presentation of “Totally new LNG project” in Russia, and it is possible that it is the word about building LNG-project in Primorska, which would be done in partnership with Group Suma who is the co-owner of harbour. Gazprom also expects to keep the part on domestic market of around 75% or even increase it for a little till 2020.It is planned to accomplish that through investments in region gasification in Siberia and on Russian far east. Gazprom’s share on domestic market was decreased for 76% in year 2011, to 73,1 % in last year.

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