Restoration of St. Petersburg

Petersburg’s construction committee  announced the competition for reconstruction review of buildings in town history centre. According to documents enclosed with competition, for review of residential and non residential buildings, apart from those in private ownership, in quarters Konjušena and North kolomna is taken almost 590 million roubles (around 98 million kuna) from town budget, and 418 buildings will be thoroughly review. For preservation program and development of historical centre in Smoljno it is planned to spend almost 87 milliard roubles (around 14 milliard kuna). The level of preservation will be determined in Saint Petersburgand it will be decided which building should be fixed. After the review all objects will be classified in different categories depending on demands of works. Company which will do the works will be chosen on 13th June, and it is expected that the works will last for one year.

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