Passengers pushed the plane that was not able to move due to low temperature

PASSENGERS that were supposed to get on the board of one plane of Siberian Air have found themselves in an unusual situation. Plane tires, due to extremely low temperatures, that reached 52ºC below zero, froze and “glued” to the surface.

The plane was not able to start so the passengers in Krasnojarsk had to “jump in” and push a little bit the vehicle in order to arrive to their homes safely.

“Come on, we all want to arrive home”, yelled one of the 74 workers who faced with the possibility of cancelation of their flight. Video of this adventure was published on YouTube.

Russian medias say that the investigation was started connected to this situation, and report that during this accident one of the passengers said: “ There a few things that make this life worth living: write a book, plant a tree or, at least, use muscles and help the plane move to fly towards the sky”.



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