Problems of the Russian jewelery

On International Jewellery economy forum in organization by Gilda jewellery of Russia and Chamber of Commerce of Russian Federation in Moscow in September experts estimated that the export of jewellery products from Russia could increase up to 5 times for only half a year, says Russian news.

Main aim of Moscow’s forum is not exposure of jewellery products, but finding the ways to enable jewellery producers to become more competitive and more wanted on world market. Representative by State Duma Jelena Panjina said that on the Russian jewellery market the indoor competition rose, but that domestic jewellery products are still not enough competitive on abroad markets due to legal problems.

Vice president of Chamber of Commerce of Russian Federation Aleksandar Ribakov warned that on Russian market foreign producers are covering 25% and domestic with 75%, and that only 5% of domestic jewellery products is exported. President of Gilda jewellery of Russia Gagik Gevorkjan believes that the export could be 4 or 5 times bigger. In Russia per year is produced 226 tones of gold, and only 50 tones is used in jewellery industry. Gevorkjan has reminded that the import is 7 times bigger than export. “Our jewellery products can not be competitive against cheap imported products”, said Gevorkjan saying that for placement of Russian jewellery products is necessary to pay more attention on national brands.

Jewellery workshops with the artist and jeweller Iljgiz Fazulzjanov as the leader can be a good example of successful impact of Russian brands on world market.Iljgiz Fazulzjanov, who makes in his workshop the jewellery under the brand “Ilgiz F”, lately got few prestige awards in the area of jewellery. French and Swiss call him “ king of enamel” and his works are sold by auction house Christie’s. Fazulzjanov says that his jewellery is bought much more by foreigner that by Russians because for supersaturated clients there are more interested new and unusual jewellery products made by unknown technique ” Nobody but us does in this technique”, says jeweler, “ Collectors choose more complicated subjects, and more simple examples are bought by those who want to buy wear this jewellery. But even from most simple piece of jewellery is possible to create piece of art. Every element and every ornament on our jewellery has certain meaning and the reason why it is right at this place” says jeweler.

Anyway, Iljgiz’s example is still an exception. President of jewellery company “Almaz holding” Flun Gumerov warned that the tendancy for bigger presence on world market is positive, but it is still not completely clear how it will be realized in practice. He thinks that the problem of bigger import than the export is not the only problem. Russian jewellers export very little of their products even in neighbour countries the members of CIS. “ Due to many bureaucracy problems they face with, producers of jewellery products leave Russia”, concludes Gumerov with the regrets.

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