«Vostok 2018» is the largest military training exercise of the Russian army over the past 37 years. This exercise involved 297,000 soldiers, 1,000 aircraft with pilots, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as 36,000 tanks, other vehicles and ships.

«Vostok 2018» is the international military training exercise in which took part 3200 soldiers of the Chinese People’s Army and the Mongolian army from Ulan Bator. The army exercises extended to more than 11,000 square kilometers of land, sea and bays of the Pacific Ocean.

The purpose of this army manoeuvres is to report to the West that Russia is ready to react faster than NATO. In just one week the army managed to move 160,000 troops with all military equipment from the West to the East of the country.

Source: Večernji List

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