Trust in company paid 200.000 kuna

Further increase of income along with profit thanks to activities on existing markets, and also entering the new markets, are the plans for AD Plastika for 2015.It was stated by the management president Marinko Došen who also explained yesterdays the information why he had decided to buy one package of shares of this company.

AD Plastika

Price of shares

Došen bought 2120 shares of the company whose business leads- gained shares represents 0,05048% of basic capital of Solin’s company. But, the move itself attracts the attention because it is confirmed that managers of that company invest in it ,not waiting for treasury shares rewards. Došen adds that the price for shares is 103 kuna, which means that this acquisition cost around 200 000 kunas.

“Of course that we talk about my trust in AD Plastik shares. I have taken the function of the president of AD Plastik management and showed my trust in company. I truly believe in profitability and income rise in the company which will firm the position of AD Plastika on existing market,and at the same time open new markets”, said by Došen. On the top position in the management he changed Mladen Peroš who led the company since 2012. after long term leader Josip Boban. Peroš was not able to stay for a whole period-on his call he was recalled, and now he is the member of the management in charge of development and commercial.

New president of the management Došen in AD Plastik came in 2012, and on this top position came from Russia where he was general director of AD Plastik’s company ZAO PHR in Russia. That means that he is familiar with the situation there, and unofficially we found out that the new opportunities are explored on the Russian market according to the old definition that every crisis is also the new opportunity. Main features of recent business are turned to the increase of the sale on the European market, and decrease of relative part on Russian market, for example from 40% in 2013 to 30% in 2014..It is still not possible to get the estimates for Russian market. Until the stability of political situation in Russia we are not able to give any estimates, said by Došen, also saying that the business there is under constant adjustment , firstly in the sense of money.” But, despite the objective market circumstances ,specially in Russia,I’m sure that we will fulfill are the specified aims in this year, first of all the one concerning the organic increase of 25% on Croatian market and 12% for the group”, said by Došen.

Market recovery

That the planned market recovery will happen thanks to European car market, is shown with the newest facts by European car sales associations (ACEA) according to the number of registrations of new cars in EU.This increase from March in EU is 19th in a row, and comparison of first quarter of this year comparing to first quarter of 2014 shows that 8,5% more new cars was registered, while the sale increase in Marcj this year comparing to the last years one is 10,6%.It is very encouraging fact, because it is similar to the business of AD Plastik- Renault group. Increase of 10% in this branch is more than the analysts predicted: at the beginning of this year they were significantly lower on the level of 3%, so the analysts should update their predictions.
“All the facts talk about market recovery, according to which the positive contribution for our business can be expected. But, we are not euphoric. Even though our predictions are optimistic, we think that one quarter is not enough for predictions. After first half of 2015 AD Plastik, usually conservative in its plans, will be able to comment the expectations in this year”- Došen was determined.


Source: Polsovni dnevnik

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