Photo exhibition eSVIJEST, or artwork of living beings


In Moscow from 18th to 22nd September in cooperation with Central artist home and University „Lomonosov“ an unusual exhibition is held “eSVIJEST”- sort of review of so-called ecological bio-art. It is the way where for creating of artworks and scientific works, artists use biotechnology based on the most modern accomplishments of genetics, genomics, proteomics and other modern biology ways. 17th International Art fair “Art Moscow” in Central artist dome (CDH) on Crimean wave from 18th to 22nd September is the crossroads of representatives of cultural institution , curators, artworks trades and fans of modern art. At the same time 5th Moscow’s Biennale of modern art is held.

On this biennale it is possible to see installation of art group “Recycle” and exhibition “Positive/Negative and Videonale.14 on Tour”. As a part of joined project CDH and Moscow’s state university “Scientific art” exhibition “eSVIJEST” presents the most modern art-exploration projects which look for contact points of science and ecology. In their works artists talk about the question of social responsibility and concern for environment in a way that they show wide range of ecological themes-from interaction of living organisms and their communities, to their interaction with environment.On exhibition “eSVIJEST” visitors have an opportunity to see projects “Moving robot operated by cockroach” by an American author Garnet Hertz and “Decon “ by Martade Menezes from Portugal. Decon is reproduction of piece by Piet Mondrijan, made in year 2007 in form “live” picture which self decompose during the exhibition. Painting was created by the use of bio technological materials and procedures: in some colours and pigments is placed bacterial culture which helps to get needed shade. Than this same bacteria ruins the painting, Pseudomonas Putida.

The aim of exhibition is to interest the audience for problems connected to protection of environment and that in society with the help of art can rise consciousness  on that.

“Moving robot operated by cockroach” is sequence of artistic and experimental installations where Madagascar’s cockroach is used for starting of  motor of small vehicle. Machine is made by the help of table tennis ball, which is turned by cockroach’s legs and in that way it starts the vehicle.

Exhibition curator, Semjon Erohin, believes that “eSVIJEST” will interest wide range of audience , from pupils of primary school to professionals –artists and scientists. Exhibition program’s concept is that the visitors can see interesting features every day.

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